Educators become developers

As part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Program, a select number of educators were invited to join Microsoft's Partners in Learning Appathon Competition. The competition is in its pilot year and it aims at building educators' capacity to develop innovative education Apps on the Windows Platform. More than anyone, educators understand the real needs in education, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help educators move their innovative education app ideas to reality. What is better than an App that is coming from educators to educators!

All educators have been invited to three Virtual Universities in October, November and December 2012. The VUs were run by Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux. Peli is a Software Developer at Microsoft Research and actively working on TouchDevelop.

Educators submitted a mock design in December, and 21 were then selected to attend BETT as participants in the 24-hour App-a-thon, where they would have the chance to develop their apps even further with the help of experts.

The submissions varied from math apps to classroom management apps, and were selected based on innovation and their likelihood of being published and used. Once the 24-hour app-a-thon concluded, each educator presented their app to the judges. I'm thrilled to announce the three winners of the very first Windows 8 App-a-thon:

Congratulations to the winners!

Are you interested in learning how to develop apps for Windows 8? Click here and you too can learn how to design, code and publish your very own app to the Windows Store.